‘Mutatis Mutandis’ Book

The book takes a peak into not one but multiple areas of Bangladeshi law. Focusing mainly on citizen’s rights and freedom, this book seeks to address underlying societal issues of the country under a legal perspective. The other issues include Female Rights in Bangladesh and legal advice, Freedom of expression, laws regarding air, water, fire and the food, animal rights, your rights when you are being arrested, Rule of law and fundamental rights of the constitution.

 There are various purposes of why the author wrote the book. They are:

  • To disseminate basic legal knowledge and empower the masses.
  • To bring about positive changes in erroneous laws for the betterment of the society.
  • To regain people’s trust on the law and the justice system of Bangladesh.
  • To create awareness of the rights and duties as citizens
  • To hold certain authorities accountable for acting beyond their powers.
  • To instill a sense of patriotism and influence collective efforts of the citizen for the development of the country.
  • To aid legal research and support lawmakers to take new initiatives
  • To identify the wrongs of the society and prevent recurrence
  • To propose new ideas to the Government regarding amendments to existing laws.
  • To inspire writers to go against the tide and address the issues that no one talks about.

So why should have a copy of Mutatis Mutandis?

  • It talks about the current persistent issues of Bangladesh.
  • Every issue discussed is given a legal analysis.
  • Legal Advice has been given on your rights as a citizen and common remedies.
  • Introduce you to such rights and laws of the country that you never knew where there!
  • The essays identify the root of a problem and attempt to solve it with the existing laws of the country.
  • Amendments to existing laws have been suggested.
  • Wording of the entire book has been deliberately kept as simple as possible so that everyone can understand even the most complicated issue.
  • Enhances legal sense of right or wrong regardless of your profession.
  • The author aims to serve the purpose of conveying the message rather make profit with the sale of the books. That is why the price of it is student friendly.

The book launching ceremony of ‘Mutatis Mutandis’ was held at the capital’s Bishwa Shahitto Kendro on 3rd August 2019. The event was attended by lawyers, law students and individuals from various profession. Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Mr. Justice AFM Abdur Rahman was also present as the Chief Guest and presided the launching. In His speech, Justice Rahman highlighted the significance of legal research and how it will contribute for the betterment of the country.

Name of the book: Mutatis Mutandis
Author: Advocate Aiman R. Khan
Language: English
ISBN: 978-984-34-6593-1
Pages: 200
Publisher: Law Guardian

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