Key Questions For Bar Council Written Exam!

The Written Examination for Enrollment is just a week away. Hence Legally Bangali Blog has decided to prepare its own suggested descriptive questions. Although the list is non exhaustive, it consists of few common descriptive style questions from the past papers. Most of these are expected to come this time according to their repetition in previous years. However it is just an assumption and we strongly advise you not to rely on it entirely. The type of questions that the Honorable Bar Council sets depends entirely on its discretion.

Note: The assumed questions mentioned below are only Descriptive ones. The written examination consists of both descriptive and problematic questions.

Suggested Descriptive Questions for Enrollment Written Exam ‘17

Group A                                                                                                (15×2= 30 marks)

  1. Analyse and Distinguish between ‘Res Subjudice’ and ‘Res Judicata’
  2. What is pleadings? What does it consist of?
  3. What does s.9 of the Specific Relief Act say?
  4. What is Specific Performance of Contract? When can a contract be enforced and when it cannot? Write everything you know

Group B                                                                                              (15×1= 15 marks)

  1. What do you mean by Investigation? Discuss the powers of the police regarding Investigation?
  2. Distinguish between ‘Bailable’ and ‘Non-Bailable’ Offences.

Group C                                                                                             (15×1= 15 marks)

  1. What is the Right of Private Defence?
  2. Enumerate the following:
  • Abetment
  • Cheating and Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Theft and Extortion
  • Robbery and Dacoity
  1. Distinguish between ‘Common Intention’ and ‘Common Object’

Group D                                                                                             (15×1= 15 marks)

  1. What is Confession? Can a confession, whether judicial or non-judicial or retracted be the sole basis of conviction?
  2. What do you mean by dying declaration?

Group E                                                                                            (15×1= 15 marks)

  1. What do you mean by ‘barred by limitation’? Is there any scope to ask for condonation of delay in a case or appeal instituted under special law?
  2. In what kind of legal proceeding will s.5 of the Limitation Act be applicable? What are the conditions of granting such application?

Group F                                                                                          (10×1= 10 marks)

  1. What is the Bangladesh Bar Council? Write everything you know about its foundation, composition and powers
  2. What do you know about the Bar Council Tribunal?


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