How I met my LAWver

My 1st year results boosted my confidence in focusing more on studies. My life back then was all about ratio decidendis and obiter dictums until the day I came across Maria. I had feelings that were ‘unprecedented’.

No doctrines could explain what it was. I fell in love prima facie, the first time I met her in law school. We were in our second year of the Bachelors of Law programme under University of London.

My results hit a rock bottom now that something else was on my mind, other than sections and articles. Case laws didn’t seem interesting in front of romantic novels. My attention didn’t remain undivided anymore. What used to be case book now became facebook. My habit of writing notes turned into writing text messages to her.

I couldn’t blame anyone since it was a volenti non fit injuria. But it didn’t take long for me to mend my relationship with Thomas Hobbs or Dworkin, all over again. The caffeine, the all nighters and the constant motivational words by her… all brought back my 1st year study mode.

On the summer of 2015, both of us graduated law school. That was the same year I let my parents know about Maria. But to my surprise, they knew it all along, ab initio!

This was when I firmly decided to work towards my goal of seeing us together. She became sine qua non for my existence.

I got myself a job and started saving up. With few months of my salary, I bought her a ring and planned for a perfect proposal.

On the summer of the following year, I proposed to her with a bona fide intention of keeping her happy Ad Infinitum.

Our wedding date was fixed on the 15th of December, while the ‘Holud Shondha’ was on the 13th. A traditional Holud Shondha involves dancing and other traditions of the Bangali culture. But since both of us were aspiring lawyers, I planned a ‘legal themed’ Holud Shondha event.

My dad showed me few invitation card designs for my wedding a month before the event. All of them were either floral or common patterns. What I had in mind was different. I wanted to the card to live up to the theme. Hence, I myself took the initiative and designed it accordingly. My dad, happily gave it a thumbs up.

The invitation cards had a twist of its own. It was written on the format of Summons which was circulated among friends and family. The idea was to see their reaction when they receive it. And it went as planned. No one receives a summons with a happy face! But once they read the entire thing, they realised it was only a card with a unique design.

New Doc 2017-08-02_1

The card did justice to the theme of the event. (See what I did there? :P)

The decorations of the stage was unconventional as well. The event planner gave me many ideas, but I gave him my own. Instead of floral or traditional wedding patterns, I insisted him to something that goes with the theme.

And Voila! the stage was made with a backdrop of the scales of justice. We didn’t allow any traditional rituals and kept it as formal as possible. Hence, it was almost like a courtroom, but with flowers.


I believe it was a Force Majeure that me and Maria ended up marrying each other. As lawyers, we dream to work in establishing better access to justice for the disadvantaged.

Both of us look forward to a time when everyone in Bangladesh would be legally aware about their actions. They are more accountable to their duties and respect each others’ rights. Only then we can achieve a well disciplined society.