Must Watch Movies for Advocates!

Movies play a crucial role in our mental development. A good movie can significantly change someone’s perspective. And if it’s an motivational one, then its impact on one’s life is unmatched. There are many stories which builds up on different professions of the society. Similarly, several films have been made on the legal profession.

If you are a law student willing to know more about this beautiful profession, or already an established lawyer, you must watch at least 5 of these movies. To ease the process of searching, I have shared my favourites for you. Here’s LB’s list of Movies that Law students must watch.

Hollywood Films:

* The Paper Chase

* My cousin Vinny

* Primal Fear

* And Justice For All

* The Verdict

* To Kill a Mockingbird

* Conviction

* Inherit the Wind

* A civil action

* A Few Good Men

* Twelve Angry Men

* Philadelphia

* Amistad

* Devil’s Advocate

* Erin Brockovich

* The Rainmaker

* Chicago

* The Paradine Case

* Anatomy of a Murder

* In Cold Blood

* Judgment at Nuremburg

* Kramer v Kramer

* Jagged Edge

* The Verdict

* The Accused

* Michael Clayton

* Cry in the Dark

* JFK.

* A Civil Action

* Lincoln Lawyer

* The Judge

Bollywood films:

* Kanoon

* Lakhon ki Baat

* Damini- lightning

* Shaurya

* Jolly LLB 1 & 2

* Shahid

* Aitraaz

* No one killed Jessica

* Pink

* Meri Jung

* Guzaarish

* Rustom

* Badla

* Section 375

* Mulk

Movies made on a legal issue or a social cause is familiar in Hollywood. Movies like To Kill a Mockingbird or 12 Angry Men had a great impact on the society. With such power, it won’t be wrong to say films on law are a great tool to change any existing rules which cant be done otherwise.