OMR: Oh My Result!

The bandwith capacity of the Bangladesh Bar Council is probably at its threshold at the moment. 31 thousand plus people are simultaneously logging in. The light from the devices’ screens reflect their serious faces while having mixed They are anxious, excited and scared at the same time. If a doctor could read all of their heart rate, it would be well over 100 bpm. The wait is undeniably nerve wrecking.

They all have one query, when will the results be out? ‘Am I through or I couldn’t make it?’


The long awaited Enrolment MCQ exam was held today, the 21st of July 2017. From 2pm onwards, aspiring lawyers from all over Bangladesh flocked in front of temporary exam centres scattered around Dhaka University area. The scheduled exam which commenced at 3.30pm sharp was taken under the Bangladesh Bar Council. It was the day, we all were waiting for. The day when we will be taking the first step towards our dream profession.

The Bangladesh Bar Council administrates the 3 stage enrolment exams every 2 years to allow fresh law graduates to start practising in the Court. The exam was supposed to be held in May but was postponed for unavoidable circumstances. This gave students the opportunity to strengthen their preparation further. However, for students like me, the extended time got reserved for further procrastination.

The Bar Council MCQ Exam is no joke. You would almost feel like a jurist at any point of the game. Because in a span of one month, you probably would have to know the regulatory laws of Bangladesh. I am not exaggerating but completing a whole book of hundreds of sections takes time. Unlike my LLB final year, a whole range of completely new subjects appeared out of nowhere. And I am told to finish studying all of them in a month. That too in Colloquial Bangla.

The days leading to the exam was gruelling, let alone the exam itself. For this 1 hour exam, each candidate had to learn the rules of 7 established laws simultaneously. The answer script, called OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) which consists of small circles needed to be filled up for answering questions. 100 questions are specifically selected from all the 7 subjects. A candidate needs to secure 50 marks in order to pass, keeping in mind the challenge of Negative Marking.

A candidate’s overall preparation is tested when answering the questions in the short time. They have to demonstrate their retention capacity and cross hurdles. Last ten days before the exam, I left no stones unturned in shaping this dream of mine. The passion to become an advocate now ran in my veins. I realized there was no option but to push myself to the threshold. The fat guide books didn’t seem impossible anymore. I didn’t let the enthusiasm die out in me. It was all about pushing yourself to your last limit.

Entering the exam hall, I could only remember few sections from the entire syllabus. The pressure was intense as 2000 thousand others were in the same exam centre. I could feel that this will not be an easy competition. Failing would mean waiting for another 2 years before I start over again!

Answering the OMR Sheet was a challenge for me. I actually saw it for the first time in my life! MCQs were supposed to be about ticking the right questions. That’s what I remember doing back in grade 4. Nevertheless, the exam started and I kept answering the questions I was confident about. Memorizing so many sections is tough as it is, but remembering them is impossible.

More than 53 questions required specific sections, orders and rules from the 7 laws. The rest of them were referred to different processes. Speaking with former candidates (now lawyers), this question pattern was difficult than previous exams. However, my limited preparation allowed me to answer just as much as I could remember.

Traditionally, the Bangladesh Bar Council releases the results the same day. This time, the amount of candidates is almost double than that of the last session. Hence, this time it will be published within 24 hours of the exam. Thousands of candidates are at the moment praying so that they are through. Upon passing, a candidate will accelerate towards the written part which is the advanced stage of this exam.

The declaration of the results would mean the list of the names eligible for the second exam. Any moment, a dream may be further shaped to reality or crashed. I have put all my efforts to answer the questions. I leave the rest to Almighty. The uncountable prayers of my parents is the only shade I want to be under. I am a firm believer of miracle and positive thinking.

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